Ibadah Camp in Kuala Selangor

Monday, April 10, 2006

On 7 till 9 of April last time, we had organized ibadah camp for final year students. The students who participated for this ibadah camp were final year students. The objectives of this ibadah camp are; to give the students islamic values that the students should practise, teaching them how to perform solah according to hadith and sunnah, fasting, zakat and etc. During this event also, we had activity like treasure hunt which we did it in Bukit Melawati. We really had fun during the activity program. The students need to obey our orders before they can get the tips from the envelops that we kept. We asked them to sing, act or something that can make us laughing. At night, we organized nasyid competition from male/brothers only. The sisters bacame the audiences and voted for the best performence. 70 marks from the audiences (female students) and another 30 marks from the judges (3 panels) which one of them was me. Starting from that time, i realised that the college has really talented students which i think they can perform very well in Malaysian Idol or in Academy Fantasia. They just dont like to expose to the public or dont want to become popular. Hehe... i guess.

Actually, most of the lecturers were from School of Malaysian Islamic Studies (CMIS) except me which was from Centre for Languages (CEL). Most of the students called me Ustaz because they thought that i was from CMIS. Hehehe.... i became the ustaz for 3 days during that time. After finishing all the tasks, we did the ending ceremony. I became the master of ceremony for the second time which before this, i was a mc during family day in langkawi. I was a little bit nervous because i really did not prepare during that time. I was like 'bidan terjun' which they just caught me to be mc 15 minutes before the event begun. Alhamdulillah i managed to do it. After the ending ceremony finished, we did salam-salaman before moving to the college. The event was very successful and everything was done perfectly according to plan and much better than previous event.


ustaz rauf (^_^) 10/4/2006