Delegates from Brunei Darussalam

Monday, December 24, 2007

Monday, on the 24th of December 2007, the delegates from Brunei visited UiTM Malacca campus for relationship purpose. It was also due to the respond from them as the International Business students have visited them in their country before. I was chosen by Corporate Relations and International department once again to entertain the guests here. Most of the delegates were people from Persatuan Kampung Melayu Islam (PESAKA) in Kampung Tuntung. They had also brought their family members here to look around Malacca. In UiTM, I brought them to look along our new building, showed them our dining hall, mosque, library and finally to the lake. We took a few pictures there as a token for their memories. They were very excited and was overwhelmed. Hehehe... I briefed them about the history of Malacca and told them a little bit about the varieties of culture in Malacca . I also explained to them about the students and faculties here in UiTM Lendu. At mosque, after zohor prayer, I met a few new students. They asked me "Abang dari fakulti mana?" And then I said, "Saya pensyarah dr Fakulti Masscomm", U amek course ape? They said, masscomm. I told them, nanti kita jumpa ek. (nak kena tu panggil sy abg. mwahahahahahhaaa...siap korang!)

At the end of the tour, we exchanged our email, phone number and address as they were very interested to come again here in Melaka. They had also promoted their country and invited me to come there one day. I just simply said, Insyaallah...You'll never know when you'll have the opportunity to travel around.. As our Chief Minister have said, "Visit Melaka means visit Malaysia". I think it is true as everything in Malaysia started from Malacca. This is a very good experience for me to entertain guest from abroad. Luckily, they can speak Malay language and made it easier for me to explain to them clearly. Their language sounded like Sarawakian. I only speak in English if they cannot understand the Malay words that I used to communicate with them..

p/s: tomorrow i need to handle new masscomm students around 120 of them. Then, I have workshop until Friday. It means, no more cuti for me! Next week I am going to start teaching once again until this April 2008.