Today's song ^_^

Saturday, April 14, 2007



When I saw you standing there

I bout fell out my chair
And when you moved your mouth to speak
I felt the blood go to my feet.

Now it took time for me to know
what you tried so not to show
Now something in my soul just cries
I see the want in your blue eyes.

Baby, I'd love you to want me
The way that I want you
The way that it should be
Baby, you'd love me to want you
The way that I want to
If you'd only let it be.

You told yourself years ago
You'd never let your feeling show
The obligation that you made
For the title that they gave.

copyright 1972 Kaiser Music / Famous Music
written by Lobo

April 13, 2007

Once in a blue moon...

Dear students,
Another semester has finished. It was a really short semester. Finally i have finished my teaching and my students have finished all their assignments. As I told you, it is not easy to be a successful student. U need to do a lot of sacrifices and need to face so many obstacles. Whatever come to you, please, don't give up! Cake_2a

Thank you for celebrating your final semester party with me. I really enjoyed it so much. Hopefully u all can make it every semester as a tradition before u face your final exam. This is the time for u to release your tension, have fun with your friends and be ready for your final.

Lastly, all the best for your final exam. I always pray for your success. May we meet again...


mr. rauf 12.4.2007 / thursday ^_^


FessComm 2007 ^_^v

On 8 of April 2007, once again, KOMED from Malacca organized one big event for mass communication students. It was held at Padang Kawad, UiTM Malacca campus. The event started at 10 a.m which was a little bit late.Game_b It was officiating by the Coordinator Progam, Puan Noraini Yusof. Some of the games that KOMED organized are Battle of the bands, Masscomm idol, Futsal, Freak Factor, Sukaneka and etc. All the masscomm lecturers came on that day. Unfortunately, not all masscomm students attended during the event. We had so much fun during the event. I also participated some games with the students. I really hope this activity will make the students' relationship between part 1 and part 2 and between students and lecturers become much more closer. Congratulations to all KOMED members as they have succeeded organizing this event. Hopefully this event will be held for every semester.

mr rauf 10.4.2007 / tuesday / 8pm