Kursus Penterjemahan Am

Friday, September 12, 2008

June 26, 2008

On the 23rd of June 2008, 25 lecturers attended the translation course organized by Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia (ITNM) in liaison with ILQAM UiTM Melaka. The course actually takes 2 weeks to finish. By attending this course, the participants will get the certificate to become a certified translator. But, we have to take a test to get the certificate to qualify as one. Thanks to our facilitator Dr. Wan Amizah (br je disahkan dpt doktor td dr UKM, congrats doctor!) who has helped a lot during the sessions. We will continue the course in August for another one week during semester break.

Friday: 13 June 2008

I just got an offer letter from Universiti Putra Malaysia to further my study in Doctorate Program with thesis (Mass Communication). The program takes 2 to 5 years time to finish it... For this program, I need to attend the class. For this coming semester in July 2008, I am planning to take Trend and Challenges in Mass Communication class by Prof. Musa and Advanced Communication Theory by Dr. Narimah. The class is on tuesday, which I need to travel to UPM once a week. I might be getting busy starting from next semester as I need to attend the class, do assignment, do presentation and the most crucial part is to teach my beloved students. Luckily, for this semester, I will be teaching the same subjects. Wish me luck to take this challenge which I must go to work and study at the same time, the same thing what I did during my master...

Samsung SGH-E840

June 12, 2008

Today, my sister and i went to Dial @ Fone shop at Terminal Melaka Sentral. There, i bought a new hand phone. The actual price was rm769. After negotiating, i managed to get the price rm699.. Actually, i didnt want to buy a new hand phone. But, as the previous handphone dah selalu rosak dan 2 biji nombor dah hilang, finally, my sister pun dpt meracuni fikiran abangnya to buy a new hand phone. "Thank u so much sis as u have succeeded in persuading me to withdraw my money from the ATM machine and bought a new handphone at that moment"... If not, until now, your brother will still be using that orthodox handphone... hahahaaa...

p/s: next week nak action kat kekawan...