Battle of Middle Earth (LOTR)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This is the latest game that i have been playing and really enjoy it. After playing many strategy games such as starcraft, warcraft, battle realm, command and conquer (general) and warhammer (when i was still a student '-_-), finally i found one game that really made me really satisfied. I play it almost everyday. Luckily my students just finished their final exam and i also have finished marking all the question papers. So, this is the time for me to relax and enjoy myself after working like a workalcoholic for a few months.

The game is based on Real-time strategy (RTS) game which focuses on delivering the epic scope and depth of J.R.R. Tolkien's amazing literary world. Players are in complete control of the epic battles as depicted in all three installments of the movie trilogy. From waging all-out combat among Middle-earth's vast armies to controlling the heroes or managing resources, the fate of a living, breathing Middle-earth is in the player's hands. Using the Command & Conquer Generals 3D game engine, The Battle for Middle-earth features the forces of light or darkness in two separate campaigns. Complete with all of the epic music, actor voices, and other film assets seamlessly integrated into the game. Ok, these are my comments about this game. Enjoy yourself! Tata!

5/4/2005 -mr. rauf

Punishment for missing Salaat

SAYINGS (HADITH) OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD (Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam)
The one who disdains the prayers will receive Fifteen punishments from Allah.Six punishments in this lifetime,Three while dying,Three in the grave & Three on the Day ofJudgment.

1. Allah takes away blessings from his age (makes his life misfortunate)
2. Allah does not accept his plea (Dua's)
3. Allah erases the features of good people from his face
4. He will be detested by all creatures on earth.
5. Allah does not award him for his good deeds. (No thawab)
6. He will not be included in the Dua's of good people.

1. He dies humiliated.
2. He dies hungry.
3. He dies thirsty.Even if he drinks the water of all seas he will still be thirsty.

1. Allah tightens his grave until his chest ribs come over each other.
2. Allah pours on him fire with embers.
3. Allah sets on him a snake called "the brave", "the bold" which hits Him from morning until afternoon for leaving Fajr prayer,from the afternoon until Asr for leaving Dhuhr prayer and so on. With each strike he sinks 70 yards under the ground.

1. Allah sends those who would accompany him to hell pulling him on the face.
2. Allah gives him an angry look that makes the flesh of his face fall down.
3. Allah judges him strictly and orders him to be thrown in hell.

FAJAR: the glow of their face is taken away.
ZOHAR: the blessing of their income is taken away.
ASAR: the strength of their body is taken away.
MAGHRIB: they are not benefacted by their children.
ISHA: the peace of their sleep is taken away.

Good luck to all my students!

Hi there! As you all have already known my blog, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for your final examination. I always pray for all my students to get good results and can finish your diploma on time. I also want to apologize for all my wrongdoings. You have been such wonderful members to me.

Ok, that's all I want to say. Take care guys and may we meet again in the future. Insyaallah.


Mr. rAuF (cel/march/2006)

My First Blog

Hello everybody!

Finally i managed to have my own blog.I made it after my friend introduced this blogger to me. During that time, i just finished marking all my students' papers and i had nothing to do. Now, almost everyday i will check my blogger to update and encourage myself to write.

From time to time, life keeps changing, i am becoming older and older but still have spiritual of friendship which made me feel that i am still like a student when i keep in touch with them. Although i am involved in labour now, i always remember the moments that i had been through with my friends in school and in the university.

I have worked as a sales promoter at Malacca Supermarket after SPM, as government servant in Selangor as Public Relations Officer at Selangor State Secretariat during my practical trainee, as a temporary teacher at primary school (contract teacher for 1year), and now the latest one which i have become now, as a lecturer at International Islamic College in KL.

Hopefully, by having this blog, i can keep in touch to all of my friends. Not to forget to my first younger brother in Japan, second younger brother at MMU Malacca, and my youngest sister at UitM in Sabah. This is one of the tools that we can use to contact and communicate to each other. For those who are my new friends, nice to know u all and thank you for accepting me as part of your friends although we never meet each other.

Last but not least, thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to add any comments and enjoy my photo albums.

May Allah bless all of us with happiness, prosperity and longevity. Insyaallah.



rauf (^_^)v 5/4/2006