March Activities

Sunday, March 18, 2007


From Puncak to Malacca
On 17 of March 2007, Komed society from Shah Alam with the cooperation Komed society from M alacca organized Induction day. This induction was actually to make the seniors from Shah Alam and juniors in Malacca to get know well each other. In the evening, they held Sukanneka and at night they had dinner and closing ceremony. I was very satisfied with the program. The students' relationship become much closer. Finally, I do hope, Komed has achieved its objectives by organizing this kind of program.


KOMED campaign
On 14, 15 and 16 of March 2007, the Komed members went to campaign at Kem Lagenda, Asahan in Jasin. We departed from Uitm sharp at 1.00pm on Wednesday. This event was introduced to see the potential of Komed members in term of leadership and to get know well the society of Tasik Utama in Ayer Keroh. The lecturers who accomponied during the campaign were Puan Noraini, Miss Mayudia and me. There we had a few activities such as in group excercise(LDK), jungle tracking, river swimming, performance by students, barbeque and etc. The activities were actually not to challenging as they were members from primary and secondry school students from Taman Tasik Utama. The challenging was actually on how to tackle and take care of them during the activities. Here, we can see who have the potential to be a good leader in managing their team members that involved from variety types of students. At 11.30am, on Friday we went back home to UiTM. Lastly, I hope that one day, Komed can organize the same activity in future...

Last night, on 10 of March 2007, my friend (mr razif) and I went to Mahkota Parade to have dinner and watched cinema. Actually, we arrived at Mahkota Parade around 9.45pm. We tried to get the tickets for 10.30pm but the tickets had already sold out. So we bought the tickets for 12.30am movie. So, we had 2 hours to lepak before we can watch the movie. We decided to go to Dataran Pahlawan to had a dinner at McDonald. We had a long talk. At 12.00am, we moved to Mahkota Parade. The title of the movie that we watched is 300.

It is about during in the ancient Battle of Thermopylae, King Leonidas and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian army. Facing insurmountable odds, their valor and sacrifice inspire all of Greece to unite against their Persian enemy, drawing a line in the sand for democracy.

I really like this movie as it shows good skills of war, nice pictures and it looks very real! The feeling is there when the Spartans begun the battle with thousands of enemies. I really enjoyed the movie so much. They also fought variety type of enemies. They fought till dead and never surrender until their last breath.

The movie finished at 2.30am. Then we went back home. During the way back home, something bad happened to us. Actually, we lost as I tried to follow the Masjid Tanah sign board. I arrived at my home at 4.00am!!! Starting from that day, I will never follow the Masjid Tanah signboard!!!

Visiting to Penang

On the 18th of February 2007 / Sunday, my friends and I went to Kulim, Kedah for Udien's wedding. We gathered in Shah Alam on Saturday night and departed to Kulim on Sunday morning at 8.00 a.m. We arrived in Kulim at 5.45pm which took us almost 9 hours on the road. During the journey, my friend's car (perdana) had problem with the tyre in Gopeng, Perak. Luckly we managed to get help from the people around there. Unfortunately, once again my another friend's car broke down which is also perdana V6. This time, there was much smoke at the engine's car. We managed to get help from police officer in simpang pulai. We left the car at police station there. Then we continued our journey. This time, kancil and kelisa which were left behind before this lead our way to Kulim. Alhamdullillah, all of us arrived there safely.

After leaving the wedding ceremony in Kedah, we went to Pulau Pinang. We were so excited during that night because we took ferry to go to Pulau Pinang. We arrived in Pinang at 11.30 pm. Then, we had our dinner at Hameed Sup restaurant. We rent 2 rooms at Hotel Malaysia. We had a walk around the town. The next morning, we had our breakfast at D Kayu restaurant. I ate roti canai for my breakfast. After eating there, we went to mydin, komtar and parkson for shopping. I only bought buah pala and asam2 for my parents and friends in Malacca.

Sharp at 2.00pm, we checked out from hotel. This time, we didnt ride ferry but we used Jambatan Pulau Pinang to go to butterworth. In the journey to go back to Shah Alam, we stopped at Hentian Sungai Perak and Tapah. It was raining and a little bit jam during the journey. We arrived in Shah Alam at 10.30pm. Then, we had dinner at Hameeza restaurant at section 9. After having our dinner, some of my friends and me moved to malacca. This time, i drove myvi to go to malacca. I arrived at my house at 1.00 am. My friends continued their journey that night to Johor Bahru as they had something to do tomorrow morning.

In conclusion, it was a very long journey. Although we faced a lot of difficulties, we managed to accomplish our mission. Actually, this is one of the ways that we can do gathering/reunion among our friends. Wedding ceremony is the best way to gather all of my friends (ex-uitm shah alam students) and hopefully we can still keep in touch although most of us are getting busy with our life!

p/s: congratulations to the newlyweds, udin and aida. May Allah bless both of u!

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21.2.2007 / 7.30 pm / Wednesday
-aop ^_^v

Seminar at Legacy Hotel

On the 30th of January 2007, Institute Kajian Sejarah dan Patriotisme Malaysia (IKSEP) with the cooperation Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Wilayah Selatan (DBPWS) and Faculty of Communication and Media Studies (UiTM) organized a Seminar about "Mertabatkan Budaya Bangsa Melalui Penulisan Media dan Perhubungan Awam". The event was held at Legacy Hotel in Malacca from 8.30 in the morning until 6.00pm. The participants were most from UiTM, Maktab Perguruan, Kolej Islam and Politeknik in Malacca. The topic that were discussed are about Ethics and Challenges in media, Public Relations in Global Era, Effective Writing in Media, Media Roles in Tourism Industry and etc. One of the presenters was my ex-lecturer Assoc. Prof. Roslena Ahmad the one who presented about ethics in the media.
The seminar was quite interesting at the beginning but a little bit boring during the second session in the evening as most of the participants were getting tired. The best thing is, the students get exposed by the issue that media face nowadays and tried to find out the reality of working as media practitioners. At least, during this seminar, students have gotten some ideas and preparations for their careers. Last but not least, from the seminar, the organizer had stated the resolutions for the media to look; which one of the resolutions was contributed by me. Hopefully, by attending this seminar, I can update my knowledge and really hope that this kind of seminar will be hold frequently. Wasslam....

mr. rauf hj ridzuan / tuesday / 30.1.2007 ^_^v

Teaching time!!! ~_^ huhuhu...

Salam everybody... For this semester, i am going to teach a new subject whis is Introduction to Communication and Media Studies. Actually, i have learnt this subject twice, when i did my matrix and when i did my degree at uitm shah alam. But the problem is, last time i used different text book. Last time, the author was Baran and the book that i am using now is written by George Rodman. I have overviewed some of the chapters. Luckly, the contents of the text book are easier to understand and more interesting. Some people say that dont judge book by its cover, but for me the coverpage of the book which has many colorful pictures make me attracted to explore inside the text book even more. For this semester also, I teach another two subjects which are Sociology (the study of human behaviour) and Critical Thinking and Writing (more to case studies). Hopefully i have mastered these subjects as i have been teaching the subjects since last semester. Wish me luck.


mr rauf / 9.1.2007 / tuesday / comp. lab

Awal Muharam...

Happy Maal Hijrah

Assalamualaikum to everybody. Wish all of you Happy Maal Hijrah. May Allah bless all of us with good iman, prosperity, longevity and good health. Hopefully we can improve our lives to be better than before in term of iman and amal. Wassalam...

mr. rauf / 19.1.2007 / Friday ...

Good bye 2006 / Welcome 2007

Assalamualaikum to all blogs'readers...

Another year has past. 2006 has been a wonderful year filled with so many memories to me. So much has happened this past year, I'd like to sum it all up for you but the list would just be too long. Well I've got to get ready to set of some of my life, I don't know how long you guys have to wait until the new year begins but for me, it was so fast that 2006 had left me now. For the year 2006, I had planned so many things that I want to have and achieve but I didn't get them all. Allah has given me something that I never asked and planned which were more valueable and priceless for me. Thank you Allah...

Finally, I just wanted to take this time to wish all of you a Happy New Year. May Allah bless all of us. Wassalam.

p/s: I do not know what 2007 will bring, but I do know one thing: 2007 will be a Year Long Remembered, unfortunately I do not know everything this new year will bring. Let Allah decides for me as I really do believe Qada' and Qadar. What I need to do is, as a muslim I need to pray and put some efforts to achive goals that I have set by myself. Insyaallah...

11.30pm / Saturday / 6.1.2007

Happy Eidil Adha

About Edil Adha

"While Muslims all over the world celebrate the 10th day of the Muslim month Zulhijjah, pilgrims in the holy city of Makkah are performing the fifth pillar of Islam, that is the haj. During Aidiladha, a ritual known as qurban or sacrifice is carried out after the Aidiladha prayer. Animals such as cows, goats and camels that meet certain religious criteria are sacrificed as a symbolic gesture to remember the sacrifice that was instructed upon Prophet Ibrahim Khalilullah".

"...Sacrifice must not be something that only manifests itself once a year during Aidiladha. Therefore we must try to inculcate the spirit of qurban into our lives so that altruism would be one of our characteristics."

p/s: I am going to celebrate aidiladha at my grandparents' house in gombak. I hope that I can spend my quality time with them..

Let sing together.... smile.. ^_^


Research Workshop

On the 19th,20th and 21st of December 2006, Faculty of Business Studies organized Research Workshop for all new lecturers at UiTM Lendu. On 19th December, Prof Dr. Arshad Hashim gave a talk and tips on how to make a good research. The first time I did my research is when I was a degree student. The second research is when I did my master and I need to do another research as a new lecturer at UiTM here. Actually, this seminar also is very important for me to prepare for my pHd. The format now is quiet different compare to last time when I did my master research. The formats now are more details and difficult. During the workshop, they had divided us into a few groups. The research proposal that I did was "Intimate Communication Via Interactive Media in Marriage". Yesterday, we presented our topic to our supervisor. We realized that there were a lot of mistakes in our reserach proposal that we need to correct. The supervisor commented a lot about our research and at the same time tried to guide us. I really learnt a lot from this workshop.

p/s: today, i need to go to UiTM Malacca City Campus for choir rehearsal. I feel lazy to go there because Malacca town has been hit by flood since a few days ago. -_-;

mr rauf / 22 December 2006 / Friday

Micro Teaching

On the 14 of December 2006 (Friday), UiTM Malacca organized a seminar for new lecturers. The seminar was about micro teaching. The speaker for the seminar was mr ab ghani b. hj taib which is from Institut Perguruan Perempuan Melaka (IPPM). There were almost 50 lecturers participated during the seminar. During the seminar, we disscussed among ourselves on how to teach effectively in class. He gave us a few tips that we can use for our students. We also were asked to do presentations during the seminar. As usual, i was selected to do the presentation for my group. The reason was same, because i was the only male lecturer in my group, so i need to present for them. If not, they will say that i am not gentleman.... During the presentation, the speaker tried to look at my weaknesses and at the same time tried to correct them. I learnt a lot from this seminar. I hope i can improve the way i teach my students to be more effective. The seminar was so interesting and also gave many benefits to the participants. Lastly, I hope that UiTM will organize this kind of seminar regularly.

mr rauf / 18.12.2006 / monday

Choir for Quality Day

This week, i was selected to join a choir. The particapants are lecturers and support staff from UiTM Malacca. The songs that we need to sing during the Quality Day are 'PUTERA PUTERI' and 'PAHLAWANKU'. Actually, I really dont like these kind of songs. The songs were very boring. We need to practise for almost everyday. But i am getting excited when we can meet/mix each other and at least it can feel my free time here. I always laugh when hear my friends started to sing. Moreover, i can contribute something during the ISO that will be held at UiTM City Campus. For your information, the Vice Chansellor of UiTM Dato' Sri Dr. Ibrahim Abu Shah is going to officiate the new UiTM City Campus in Malacca town. We were forced to sing these songs because our VC really likes these songs. Hehehehe.. So no matter what, we will sing these 2 songs.

mr. rauf / 15.12.2006 / friday ^0^

Campus Jokes ^o^

Freshmen versus seniors

Freshman: Reads the syllabus to find out what classes he can cut.
Senior: Reads the syllabus to find out what classes he needs to attend.

Freshman: Would walk ten miles to get to class.
Senior: Drives to class if it's more than three blocks away.

Freshman: Memorizes the course material to get a good grade.
Senior: Memorizes the professor's habits to get a good grade.

Freshman: Shows up at a morning exam clean, perky, and fed.
Senior: Shows up at a morning exam in sweats with a cap on and a box of pop tarts in hand.

Freshman: Conscientiously completes all homework, including optional questions
Senior: Homework? I knew I forgot to do something last night

Freshman: Takes meticulous four-color notes in class
Senior: Occasionally stays awake for all of class

Taken from :

A Visit to Zoo Melaka

On the 2nd of December 2006, Saturday: I went to 'Zoo Melaka' with my officemate, Mr. Shazali (Accounting lecturer). Actually, I was alone at home so I decided to join him as he came to my house to borrow my digital camera. He also brought his children who are Kistina(the eldest), Ash and Man(the youngest). We went there by Proton Savvy. Last time I went to Zoo Melaka is when I was a degree student with my housemates. There, I took a few pictures. The children were so excited and at the same time, they were very naughty. It was easy to control the boy, but not the girls. We prayed Zohor there and took our lunch after praying. Among the animals that we seen were elephants, monkeys, orang utan, crocodiles, tigers, bears, birds, rhino, giraffe and many more. Before Asar, we went back home. Conclusion, I was so satisfied for today's activity.

(^o^)v hehe..
-mr rauf tuesday 5/12/2006 Aopzoo

December 04, 2006

A Visit to Rumah Nursalam

4th of December 2006, Monday : The lecturers from UiTM Malacca went to 'Rumah Nursalam' at Lorong Haji Taib 5 in Kuala Lumpur. Actually, I departed from my house at 6.00 am exactly after Subuh prayer to go to UiTM Lendu. Than, we moved to KL sharp at 7.00am from Lendu. We went there by UiTM bus.This event was organized by Faculty of Education. I also was involved in managing the logistic. We met a few children there where most of them are abandoned by their parents. I think, what they need is attention from the society to make them confident to get on their lives. I felt so pity to them and it made me realized that not all people outside there are born with happy family. There, some of their parents are prostitutes, drug addicts, in jail and some kids there are also have no parents (illegitimate). So, for those who have parents outside there, be thankful to Allah and appreciate every single moment with them.


On the same day, my friends and I went to KLCC. There we ate at food court and took a few pictures. The last time I went to KLCC is when I was a lecturer at IIC. On the way back home, we stopped at Sogo. Actually the bas broke down. So we took this opportunity to go to Sogo. Although the Sogo had sale carnival, i didnt buy anything because my pocket money is zero. Hahaha... I arrived at my house at I was so tired.. The next day, I went to office at 10.00a.m. I was soooo late! Mwahahaha hahaha...

mr. rauf tuesday 5/12/2006

Students' Results


Finally i have finished marking all my students' answer scripts. The good news is, many students got A and majority got B+ for my Critical Thinking and Writing subject. Only one student failed for this subject.

The bad news is, for my Sociology subject, only a few got A and majority of them got either B or C. Some of them failed this subject because they didn't do well for their final exam and got very low marks for their on going assessments.

So, for those who got good results, keep up your good work! The rest, please improve yourselves and never give up! If you want to be a good student, please re-check your attitude. I believe that those students who got A have a very good attitude. A = Attitude !


Mr. Abd Rauf Hj Ridzuan

Faculty of Communication and Media Studies
UiTM, Malacca Campus.

Today's Tazkirah

How to Make Islam Part of Your Life

Islam is a religion of forgiveness, peace, love and honor to all mankind.


  1. Remember that there is only one God 'ALLAH', who you should obey.
  2. Know that ALLAH loves you. If you plant a tree you take care of it and love it always, how about if you create a man/woman and give him/her life? ALLAH loves you and you should try to please.
  3. Obey ALLAH's orders. If you are a guest in somebody's house who gives you everything, you will do whatever he/she asks of you. You are a guest in this life on this earth that ALLAH created, treat it with respect and do whatever ALLAH asks of you who gave you everything.
  4. If you truly want to make Islam a part of you life, start to become active at your local Mosque. Help out with any volunteer work you can. The more you help and strive to do your best for the sake of ALLAH, the more you will start to see a change in yourself for the better.


  • Start with yourself, and don't think that if everybody else is doing something wrong, you can do it as well.
  • Make yourself a model everybody would want to follow/admire.
  • When in doubt about something, ask. Dont be scared to ask your local Imam (Head of Mosque), they are there to help.
  • Recite the Quran and strive to understand its true meaning. If you don’t know Arabic, learn it!

    mr rauf / 23.11.2006 / thursday
    taken from :


Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri (SUK 2002) - SK Bandar Anggerik (SKBA 2004) - International Islamic College (IIC 2005) - Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM 2006)

Today's Journey
14 of Nov 2006 / Tuesday
7 a.m - 7 p.m

I went to International Islamic College (IIC) and I met a few of my friends and students there. This is the place where for the first time I become a lecturer. Then I visited my grandparents in Gombak. After performing Zohor prayer at my grandparents'house, I went to Pejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri (SUK) in Shah Alam. Actually this place is where I did my practical training as Public Relations Officer at Unit Perhubungan Awam. Then, I went to S.K Bandar Anggerik (SKBA). I asked the canteen owner to prepare a small occasion to celebrate hari raya and at the same time to fulfill my 'naza' treating all the teachers there for this coming thursday. I was a teacher here when I did my master last 2 years. Finally, I went to UiTM Shah Alam for celebrating my friends convocation. They just finshed their degree in TESL and most of them have already work which a few of them now working at UiTM Lendu as Lecturers. RaufrazifAfter taking a few pictures, I went to my own faculty (faculty of communication and media studies) to see any changes there. I prayed asar there and sharp at 7.00pm, I departed from faculty as tomorrow I need to invigilate at UiTM Lendu in the morning. In conclusion, today i visited so many places which have so many memories that i will never forget in my life. I have been through all these to become what i am now.... Alhamdulillah.

Open House


Assalamualaikum. On this coming Saturday, i am going to hold open house at my house in Malacca.

Address : 12, Jalan Belimbing 2, Tmn Widuri
venue 75350, Bachang Melaka.
Date : 11th of November 2006 / Saturday
Time : 12.oo p.m - 5.oo p.m

Everyone!!! My students and my friends from UiTM and IIC are invited to come. For further information do contact me
at this number 012-3625946.

-mr rauf ^_^v (11.oo a.m / thursday / 9.11.2006)

All the best!!!

Dear students,

Just wanna wish u all good luck for your final exams. Make sure u guyz get well prepared for the examinations. For those who want to know your on going assessments, please do come and see me at my office. Try your best k and never give up!


mr. rauf / 3.11.2006

p/s: 'my students' refers to my ex-students and my students.

Happy Eidulfitri

I think, it is still not late for me to wish all muslims in this world (especially my friends and my students)......

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Maaf Zahir dan Batin

Forgive me for all my wrong doings... Hopefully all of us are happy with our love one.

- mr. rauf ^_^

News for today (Ramadhan)

Tuesday, 10 October 2006, my friends and i went to breakfast at mamak stall in Kelemak, Malacca. They were 7 of us and actually we all just finished teaching at about 6.20pm. The food was ok but we need to wait for almost half an hour for the food. The service was not ok, maybe they didnt have so many workers to treat a few customers there. That is the only place which we can find 'roti nan'. I think the price here is more expensive compare to other mamak stall in kl as this is the only place or the nearest place where we can find mamak stall. We enjoyed eating the food and we also talked a lot! After that, i went to my friend house to perform maghrib prayer. I went back at Uitm at 8.20pm as i still have a class at 8.30pm. I need to do extra class as i need to complete all the chapters by next week. Insyaallah i can finish all the chapters and my students can get ready for their final exam exactly after raya.

Thursday, 12 October 2006, there were so many students from various groups came to see me at my office. I know that Sociology subject is quite tough and it is difficult to understand. I also need to refer to dictionary so many times before I can teach my students that subject. The problem is, some of my students dont like to refer to dictionary (lazy) if they dont understand and i need to translate for them. It is easier for them to understand when i explain in bahasa but i can't encourage them to be malas to refer to dictionary. I told my students to highlight anything that they dont understand and insyaallah i will make them understand after meeting me.

At 5.30 pm, i went to Thai Kuang Bookstore at malacca town with my program coordinator. Her husband and her daughter also accompanied her. We went to bookstore to buy motivation books, reference books and excercise books for orphanage. We spent for almost rm500! That money is actually from the collection of masscoms'students and masscoms'lecturers at uitm. Then, we went to Tesco to breakfast. We broke fast at Kluang Station restaurant. The food was so delicious and it was the first time for me to eat there. Yum...yum... I think, next time i want to bring my family to eat there. hehe..

Tomorow , the orphonage will come to uitm. We are planning to celebrate them and I hope the event will be successful.

Ajk2 Friday, 13 October 2006, / 20 ramadhan : Mass communication students organized an event for orphanage at Masjid Al-Hikmah, UiTM. During the event, we had tadarus and tazkirah by ustaz from CTU. Then we broke fast at mosque and performed terawih prayer. After terawih prayer, once again we had dinner with the orphanage from Payasum. We had nasyid performance from both sides and we contributed books for them by Dr. Rashid which is our deputy dean from Shah Alam. My opinion is, my students and the orphanage can get long so well as i can see that they were very close to each other. I really hope that my students can motivate them to study hard so that they have ambition to enter to higher education level. I really enjoyed during the event and the food also was so delicious. Puan Noraini who is my program coordinator also satisfied with the event. Congratulation to all mass communication students! Well done!

Tuesday, 17 October 2006, After class, i went to UiTM bazaa to buy some food for breakfast. I brokefast at my friends'house.

Wednesday, 18 October 2006, I went to Masjid Tanah to buy food and i broke fast at my friends'house in Taman Sutera Indah. Then, i went to Papa Chop Mama Gril with a few friends. After eating there, my friends and I went to Taman Cempaka to buy some stuff for Hari Raya.

Thursday, 19 October 2006, This time, I broke fast at KFC in Alor Gajah with my friends after finishing my class at 6.20p.m. Once again, i went to Taman Cempaka to survey baju raya, perfume and so on. It was raining during that rime.

Friday, 20 October 2006, It was my last class. My students took few pictures at class. Then, i accompanaied my friends for shopping in Masjid Tanah. I went back to Seremban with my friend by Proton Gen2 after Friday prayer. Then we dropped by at Baza Stadium Paroi to buy some food for breaking fast. At night, i went to KL with my parents.

mr rauf / aop ^o^v

Not feeling well -_-;

Today i am not feeling very well. I only had one class in the morning. What i did in class was, i just taught my students Japanese language and than let them dismiss very early. I went back home at 3.00pm. (usually i will be at my office at 8am in the morning and go back home at 6.00pm) Then, i just slept until maghrib. I just ate bread for breaking fast. I also didn't go to mosque to perform terawih prayer. I feel so bad today. What a bad day! Really hope that i am getting well soon. But still, i want to attend to class tomorrow to teach my students writing subject....

p/s: luckly, this thing (fever+cough+headache) usually happe

Breaking Fast with Students

Monday, on the 2nd of October 2006 I broke fast with my students at e-Point, UiTM. Actually i had a class from 6.30 until 9.00 but I changed the schedule to 4.30 until 6.15. The students were very happy as the class finished earlier. So my students and I have time to go to bazaa to buy some food for breaking fast. On that day, after finishing my class at 6.20, two of my students and I went to Bazaa Alor Gajah to buy some food. We were so rushing as it took 15 minutes to arrive there. I bought for them 'satey' and some drinks. At e-Point, the place was very quiet as nobody was there except us. We ate together gether until we all were full. After breaking fast, I went to UiTM mosque to perform terawih prayer and went back home after witir prayer.
Last night on the 3rd of October 2006, I broke fast with my students at D-bomb, UiTM. Once again I broke my fast with my students but this time with different group. We broke our fasting like a party. There were so many food that they bought from outside of UiTM but we ate at Dewan Makan UiTM. In my mind, I was thinking during that time that is it ok to eat here without buying any food from that dewan makan. Actually I did not feel comfortable to eat there but my students said that it is ok. Same like yesterday, I bought satey for my students in Alor Gajah. After eating, we took some pictures like farewell party. It seemed like I will not meet them anymore after this. Please ok! I need to meet you and teach all of you another two times before your final exam. Make another farewell party after this...hehe..

-mr rauf ^_^ 6.15 a.m

My Girl

I have just finished watching korean drama series last night. The titile was 'My Girl'. It is a very good drama to watch and i felt really enjoyed. I borrowed the cd from my younger brother. Actually this drama still air on tv at 8TV channel. That night i only slept for less than an hour. Before that i went to mosque and perform isyak and terawih prayer. After that, i recited quran until 12.30 a.m for tadarus. Than i went back home and continued watching the drama until 5.15 a.m. After watching the drama, i went down for sahur and slept after praying subuh at 6.00 a.m. I woke up at 6.40 a.m to get ready to go to work as i needed to depart from my house early, as it took almost 40 minutes to arrive there at uitm lendu.

Actually, the story is about Ju Yoo-rin who is an imposter proficient in English, Chinese, and Japanese. Seol Gong Chan who is the second generation heir of a big corporation. Because of his grandfather's illness, he's forced to ask Yoo-rin to be his long-lost cousin so that his grandfather's last wish can be fulfilled. So therefore, they both are bound in a lie that no one in the family knows the truth. Another character is Kim Sae-hyun who grew up in a rich family and dreams to become a tennis star with the nickname “Sharapova of Korea. Her charm and intelligence attract many men. She and Yoo-rin have cutthroat competitions. Seo Jeong-woo who is a playboy will fall also for Yoo-rin and finally learn to love that special someone.Oops

I really love this drama.. Tha last Korean dramas that i have watched are autumn in my heart, winter sonata, fill good young and full house. I really hope that one day Malaysia can produce like this kind of dramas which can attract many viewers to watch them.

- mr rauf / 30.9.2006 / saturday

Happy Fasting !!! ^_^

Dear bloggie,

Today, i am so bored as i have nothing much to do. That's why i am here at computer lab to write something to you. Hehe... My students were so happy today as in Malacca, we all will celebrate fasting month. It means, there will be no class on this monday. Actually, i can't wait for Ramadhan month as this month is the best month for all muslims. It's only once in a year. I really hope that during this Ramadhan month, i can be a really good muslim or at least improve a bit in term of iman and amal.

I am planning to have breaking fast with my students during this coming Ramadhan. I hope i can get close with my students here. During this coming Ramadhan also, i have suggested to my students to do well fare activites such as collecting money that can be distributed to the poor students and at the same time celebrate orphanage children somewhere near here in Malacca.

Ok bloggie, i need to go now. I will write to you in some other day. bye!


I would love to perform terawih prayer during Ramadhan but unfortunately, i have two night classes during this Ramadhan month. I really hope that i can adjust this schedule so that i would not miss to perform terawih prayer ^_^;


Pedagogi Seminar,

Yesterday, 16th of September 2006, i attended pedagogi seminar at LG10, UiTM Library. This seminar was actually for all new lecturers at UiTM Malacca. The seminar was about on how to teach effectively to the students. Dr Mizan (director) also came during the morning session. The speaker was En Ghani from Maktab Perguruan Perempuan Malacca. During that day, i was selected to present the method of teaching that can be used in class. It was ok and the seminar finished at 5.oo pm. It was a very tiring day. At night, i slept soo early as i was too tired during that day. Today, i want to start marking my students' sociology paper that they did last friday. I really hope that they can do well for this paper.


mr.rauf / 3.30pm / sunday

These 3 days...

Today, I am in kuala lumpur. i just arrived last night from malacca. I am planning to go to Jaya Jusco in Wangsa Maju or Midvalley in KL with my brothers tonight. My brother from Japan has another one week for his holiday, so i must spend my time with him as much as i can. I am also so happy today as i have marked most of my students' assignments. I also have updated my teaching files and my teaching portfolio. That's why i feeeeel goood...

Yesterday, i attended the workshop at UiTM Malacca Library. The workshop was about how to overcome stress. The counselor was Hj Hushim who is from Universiti Malaya. We also discussed the factors of stress and how to face it. The workshop was really interesting and exciting. After discussion, the counselor trained us on how to release stress by doing excersises/aerobics near the lake. Although it very made me tired, but it really made me feeling better. For me, the caunselor is a very great counselor. I learnt a lot from him!

Last 2 days, i attended seminar at LG01, at UiTM library. The seminar was about on how to help students who have problems. The counselor is from UiTM Segamat. The counselor/mentor tried to train the audiences on how to become caunselors or good helpers for the students. Some problems that we discuss were: 'students coming late to class', 'gay students', mak nyah students', 'couple among students','mat rempit among stundets' and many more. It really helps me a lot as i really need the skills to help my problematic students. I hope i can practise it wisely and gives benefit to me and to my students. Insyaallah...


Dear students,

For my ex-students at IIC, i wish you all good luck for your midterm exam. Do your best k. I will always pray for you. For my uitm students, have a nice holiday (midterm-break). Dont forget to do your assignments k. Please do your revision and get ready for your midterm examination.

mr.rauf 4/9/2006

p/s: i have so many assignments to mark during this midterm break (-_-`)


“By teaching sociology, I hope I can educate my students to practice good values that we have in Islam. In every issue that I discuss with my students, I will try to mix with the Islamic perspective base on Quran and Sunnah. Hopefully this will help my students to avoid doing bad things and to make them realize that we live in a society as khalifah and have our roles and responsibilities in this world…

Teaching sociology is extremely beneficial in that it enables both student and lecturer to actively study and observe various aspects of social life! It is an exciting, dynamic process that provides gains on a variety of levels. On the professional level, teaching allows me to become more comfortable as a "transmitter of knowledge." In the classroom, my goal is to inspire students to learn and enjoy the actual experience of learning. Because I seek to motivate students to be excited about the material, I attempt to utilize creative, interactive teaching methods. Uitmn2

As I continue to develop as a lecturer in UiTM, one of my main objectives is to encourage students to think beyond our discussions in the classroom. I like to view our meetings as forums in which the students can come in, learn, and interact with each other. I value each session in the classroom, as it provides an opportunity for growth for both the students and myself. I want to share with the students the benefit of viewing our world and its happenings through a "sociological eye."

Furthermore, I continue to make an effort to construct activities that are more directly linked to key sociological concepts, I hope to improve the learning process in my classes. By implementing more interactive activity that provides the students with active roles, it is my ultimate hope that I can help students think more deeply both inside and outside the box of social life.

As I am also teaching “Critical Thinking and Writing”, I will try to make the students always think deeply about certain issues and find the solutions in how to solve certain issues. In my class, I always make discussion about certain issues that they can compare, argue, and choosing the options. I train my students to do brainstorming or ta’aruf with their groups’ members which they also need to do presentation after discussing each issue.

Lastly, learning is a journey that never ends. My ultimate goal as a lecturer is to provide the students with the absolute best education possible. I want to show them that I care and have their best academic interest at heart. I hope that these ideals are evident in my teaching and reaching. It is my aim to inspire each and every student to greater heights in learning.

Malacca : 27/08/2006 : Sunday : 1.57 p.m (~_~)

Kenduri at my home

On the 1st of September 2006 (Friday-after merdeka day), my family made Doa Selamat/Kesyukuran ceremony at my house in Malacca. It was just a simple ceremony. It begun after maghrib prayer. Many people came for the ceremony especially from mosque and taman area. Furthermore, a few of my friends from uitm also attended for the ceremony. The menus were 'kari daging' and 'sambal udang'. Thanks a lot for my neighbours who helped my mother to cook the food. Although it was just so simple, it was really happening.

3/9/2006 7.21 a.m

Induction's Day

On 19th of August 2006, masscomm students had organized the induction day with their seniors from Shah Alam. There were 2 buses from Shah Alam came to UiTM Lendu in Malacca. Their purpose was to get know their juniors and to declare them as their juniors. I can see that they really had fun during the day. They easily can forget about their assignment, their presentation and so on and at the same time they can release their pressure during that day. They also organized ‘sukannerka’ which made me laughed all the time especially ‘ulat bulu’ tournament. Two lecturers who were mr jamaluddin and mr roslan from shah alam came for the induction day. By having this kind of activity, hopefully the relationship between juniors and seniors will become much closer and tight. I really enjoyed the cheers that they had presented during the induction day. They were very creative in creating cheer performance and looked really active during that day. At the end of the event, we took the pictures with juniors, seniors and lecturers. Lastly, I hope that this kind of event can be organized for every semester and becomes the tradition for uitm masscomm students in Malacca.

Surprised Party 4 me!


Today, on 21st of August 2006, I was so happy as my students made surprised party for me. Although my birthday had already past for 4 days, they still tried to celebrate it with me in my class. They bought a chocolate cake for me. It was so delicious! We ate the cake after maghrib and continueP8210494_1 our class after maghrib prayer. I let my students take a break for almost 40 minutes! I didn’t celebrate for my birthday for almost 2 years. That’s why I felt so excited with the birthday party. I really appreciate in what they have done to me. Once again, thank you so much!

- Birthday Boy ^_^

i am 26! happy birthday 2 me!!!

Alhamdulillah, today 16th of august 2006, i am 26 now. i always think in my mind, what i have achieved in my life? in term of education, i have finished and done my upsr, pmr, spm, matrix, degree and master. what's next? hopefully i can do my pHd after this, insyaallah. in term of working, i have worked as a sales promoter, public relations officer (trainee), teacher (skba), lecturer at international college (iic) and now i am working as a lecturer at public university (uitm). i think, this is the last place and the best place for me to work. everything after this, i hope i can get from this university. i am thinking that i will work here until at the end of my life.... (until i retired laa...) i dont think that i will try to find and searching for other job vacancies anymore. This is the place where i belong since i have studied from this university for 7 years! I really enjoy teaching and educating students at the same time. that's what suit to me. I really comfortable and i will try to improve my skills to become a very good lecturer. I need to be strong to face all the challenges as i know, it is not easy to be an educator / lecturer.

Life? emm... i think it is time for me to have my own family. Actually i am planning to get married before i am 27 years old. It means, now i need to work hard to find my life partner. Hehe.. my problem is, i want it but i never try to find it seriously. Starting from this age, i will work harder about it. for the preparation to get married, i have prepared since i worked as a teacher in the year 2004. what i plan is, i get married first and than i want to buy a comfortable car and i want to have my own house. When i was young..... (but now i think, i am still young..hehe...) ehem.. i always want to buy a sport car. But now, i want to marry first and have a family's type of car. For your information, i still use kancil until now although i have work for almost 3 years... nothing to be proud of... but at least i have a car to go to work for almost everyday.

In term of friends or during my socialization process, i have met many friends. Some of them become my close friends until now. I still remember my ex-classmate when i was a masscomm student at uitm in shah alam. We really had fun as students and enjoyed a lot. finally we graduated after 5 years doing degree in shah alam. During my master, i also met many friends. i still remember during my master class, i was the youngest student in class. The socialization process was a bit harder as they were so many pakcik and makcik (abg/kakak). I tried to adapt the environment there and alhamdulillah, i can become part of them. hehe i became more matured when i mixed with them. the best experience that i had is, when i was a lecturer at iic. Although i only worked there for only one year, i got so many good friends which made me feel like brother and sister. lecturers at iic especially from centre for languages (cel) you are really like my brothers and sisters... i will always remember you all until the end of my life....

I am happy for what i am now as i can help my parents and my grandparents since i work last 3 years ago . Thanks to them as they are the one who made me become a good person (bolehlaa). i want to make sure that i can provide anything that they need as they have sacrificed a lot to make me become what i am now. I just want to see them always happy. I also want to go to umrah for the 4th time and bring all my family there. Hopefully my wish is come true.

Ok la... time to sleep now. it is almost 1.30 am. i need to wake up early tomorrow to go to work. i just want to expresss everything that i had in my heart and in my mind. thanks for reading my journal. every good comes from Allah and bad is from me... forgive me k..wassalam...

p/s: now i am using my previous phone number, HOTLINK.

Dragon Tiger Gate VS Pirates of Caribbean

54415831 On the 28th of July 2006 (Friday) my 2nd younger brother, my neighbour and i went to watch cinema at Mahkota Parade. We watched Dragon Tiger Gate and Pirates of Caribbean at midnight. It started from 9.30 and finished almost at 3.00 am! We were really enjoyed watching the movies. Both movies were quite good. I was so excited watching 'Dragon tiger gates' as it showed many actions like kung-fu and i also have read the comic 'Jejak Wira' which made me knowing all the characters and the story line, while pirates of caribbean had so many humours which made me laughed all the time.2162095392 1638628252

I have watched fanaa, x-men3, dragon tiger gates and pirates of caribbean in a month. I really enjoyed watching movies but actually i really hope that it's not becoming part of my habits. I plan to stop watching movies for this month.... or may be until raya.... so i can save my money to buy other necessary things. Hehehe... i hope so. But actually, i have already planned to watch Ghost Rider and Spiderman 3... coming soon and i can't wait!!!Jacksparrow3tn

Last but not least, please support malaysian film by watching foreign films. Hahahaaa ...

Samsung SGH-X680

Last weekend on the 30th of July 2006, i bought a new hand phone at Malacca Central with my father. For the time being i am using this number : (DIGI)016-6249350. Insyaallah i will try to get my previous phone number back as i need to go and find MAXIS centre in Malacca Raya.


For those who know me outside there, do contact and keep in touch with me k! I will let you all know if i have used my previous phone number. Wassalam...

What a bad day = Bad luck!!!

Yesterday on 21st of July 2006, after finishing my friday prayer, i lost the only thing that i had which i always brought together with me, it was my hand phone! I don't care if the thief wants to take my hand phone but the most important thing is the simcard which it had all my friends' phone numbers. I tried to catch the thief but unfortunately, I was in 'kaki ayam' (didn't wear slipper). I just shouted at him… One of the witnesses said that the guy who stole my hand phone is from her school (no need to mention the school's name). Then, immediately I went to the school and met a few teachers there. They said that the thief is a really bad student and had done so many bad cases at school. Actually I didn't want to let the police get involved in this case but the teacher asked me to do so.

After I met the teachers at school in Alor Gajah, I immediately went back to UiTM to attend the meeting with the pengarah. After meeting, I went to police station in Mercham to do a police report. I met Tuan Salim, the police officer there and he wanted me to accompany him and his team to go to the thief's house. Unfortunately that night, the thief was not there. The sad thing is, the student's mother is an ustazah. I was really shocked and felt guilty to her as it involved the police case. I told the policeman that I just want my hand phone back and I wanted to cancel the police report.

The police officer said to me that he will try to get the hand phone from the student and if he (the thief) gives good cooperation, he will cancel the police report after brainwashing him.

Hopefully I can get my hand phone back. If I can't get my hand phone back, I need to accept it as my Qada' and Qadar. I will wait for a week. If I still don't get my hand phone, I need to buy a new one and try to get all my friends' phone numbers back. Through this blog also, I really hope that all of my friends outside there who really know me can email to me your phone numbers.

-_- what a bad day -_-

Nokia3200 I bought this hand phone when i was still a degree student at UiTM Shah Alam. I also used it when i was a master student, a teacher at SK Bandar Anggerik and when i was a lecturer at IIC.... So many memories that i had from this hand phone....

Good bye NOKIA 3200...........

International Islamic College (IIC)

Last_dayiicGood bye my friends, good bye my students

Assalamualaikum w.b.t to all my friends and to all my ex-students. I just want to inform you especially my ex-students who majority didn't know that right now I a m not teaching at International Islamic College anymore as now I am teaching at UiTM in Malacca. I need to take this opportunity to teach here in Malacca just to fulfill my ambition to further my PhD under government scholarship. It is very challenging here and the environment here is quite different. Another reason why I am here is because I want to take care of my parents, which are here in Malacca. For my students, good luck for your studies. I hope, after you are finishing your studies, you can further your study to degree. Don’t ever give up in your studies k! One thing is, I will really miss you so much.

For my officemates, thanks for your support. I really had fun teaching at IIC and really enjoyed working there. I really hope that one day, I will meet you guys somewhere in KL. Please also do come visit me here in Malacca if you pass by here. Thanks for doing farewell party for me, which I will remember until the end of my life. I also want to take this opportunity to apologize for all my wrong doings, as I can’t mention during my farewell party. You all have been such a very wonderful brothers and sisters to me. (kak mel, kak ros, kak aza, kak carol, kak faridah,kak syikin, kak faridatul, kak shayu, kak lala, kak mariam, kak aimy, mr mulkit, mr ratha, abg karim,helmi, bad, ustz farhad, ustz zamani, sheel, deel, rumi, lin, tira, mafaz n wang) I will always remember you guys there and please do keep in touch with me.

Last but not least, I have learnt so many things here at IIC, and IIC is the first place for me where I learnt on how to respect and to take care of each other which now I have so many brothers and sisters there. For my twin sisters, all the best for your master. Tell me if you have finished your master. Insyaallah, I will celebrate it for you. Don’t forget also to invite me for your wedding ceremony.

Wassalam…… aop (IIC 1100) 20/7/2006 1.45pm.

Bob's wedding + ReUnion

Cimg0153 Today was my friend's wedding, who is Affendi bin Abdul Karim (Bob) with his bride, Nuraini Kamsani. The event / ceremony is located in Taman Subang Baru Subang. At first, we all gathered in Shah Alam, section 6 at 11.00 am in the morning. Then, we went to Plaza Alam Sentral to buy presents for the newlyweds. 2.00 pm sharp, we all departed from Plaza Alam Sentral and arrived at Bob's house (the groom's house) at 3.00 pm. The bride and the groom were looking very gorgeous at that time. The groom who is my friend looked very shy and blushed when we all tried to tease him. Before this, he had mentioned to us that he is the toughest (‘gua keras beb, tak cair dgn perempuan punyer’) and will never get involved with a woman. He also said that he is the “President of the tough guys” and nobody can replace him. At last, he is the one who got married the earliest among us. Now I think, we need to change our president and Mr. Tanazi has volunteered and elected himself to become our new president. What I was thinking is, maybe my new president will get married after this as he has hold this position starting from today.

After the wedding ceremony, we went to Plaza Alam Sentral in Shah Alam once again to play bowling. We played for 2 rounds. We really had fun there. After playing bowling, we went to mamak stall and had some drinks. We did chit-chat and discussed about our progress. Two of my friends (Razmin and Ejal) are doing chambering (practical to become a lawyer), Epol is still studying at UiTM Shah Alam to further his bachelor study, Meor is working at IT company in Kuala Lumpur, Tanazi now is working as a lawyer in Dang Wangi, Iskandar is working as legal advisor for MARA in Kuala Lumpur and Jack is working as a Magistrate in Johor. Bob (the groom) is now working at radio RTM as a presenter or DJ in Shah Alam. In our chatting, we also discussed about our next reunion. We are planning to go to A Famosa in Melacca for our next vacation. We were all also surprised that Iskandar or Atok is going to get married at the end of this year.

As many of my friends now have already getting married, I can say that I am also get so excited to get married. Hahaha… just joke ok! Let Allah decides for me. In islamic perspective,, after getting married, we can get another half of our IMAN. It is due to we need to add our roles/responsibility (male) in this world as a khalifah, son, husband and father. Hmmm… I think, that is all for my today’s journal. Wassalam.

p/s: For my friends, i can't add the pictures in my blog at this moment as I have uploaded 50 photos this month as the blog users have a limit of 50 photos only per month. Please wait for the pictures. Insyaallah I will add more pictures next month.

ALERT! Final Exam is coming!!!!!!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t to all my beloved students! First of all, I Cimg0141 would like to give some motivations to all of you. Hehe.. this is my habit as I like to motivate others especially to you (my students). As you all have learnt everything from me, I hope that you can do your own revision as for your preparation for your final exam. It is not impossible for you to score my subject or other subjects. As long as you have put much effort for your study, you can get what you deserved to get. I didn’t say that you must have 100 percent confidence but at least you have tried your best when you did your final exam. Please don’t study just to pass the paper but you must target to get A for each subject that you have taken.

I also want to take this opportunity to apologize for all my wrongdoings. You all have been such wonderful friends to me. I really enjoyed my class and I hope that you all also feel the way I feel. For me, the class becomes more interesting and exciting are not because only from me, the lecturer but also from your cooperation and participation during the process of learning. I can feel that you all were too excited every time when the class began. I will feel much satisfied if my students really understand on what I have taught.

Once again, I wish to all my students and not forget also to my ex-students who have become seniors now, Ganbatte Kudasai ! I will always pray for you. Ok, that's all I want to say. Take care guys and may we meet again in the future. Insyaallah.



Mr. rAuF (cel/june/2006)

p/s: Please do visit (with my students)'pictures. There are a few class party's pictures since last semester until this semester.

MELTA Workshop in Subang


On the 5th and 6th of June 2006, I went to Shereton Hotel in Subang to attend the seminar. The seminar was about 'Reading and Writing' for new english learners. It took for two days as there were many workshops and paper presentations by the presenters from all around the world. I went to the seminar with my officemates who are Mr Bad and Mr Hilmi. At the seminar also, i met many other teachers from a variety of schools. The participants for the seminar were almost 1000 teachers and lecturers. Some of the workshops were quite interesting and some were very boring. Actually, it depends to the presenters on how their present or perform their paper. Furthermore, this seminar was organized by Malaysian English Language Teaching Association which is also known as MELTA. It is the only association which is so active in Malaysia. Hopefully, by attending this seminar, it helps me to improve the way i teach my students especially for english reading and writing subjects.

My Friend's Wedding

Last weekend on 4th of June 2006, I went to my friend's wedding at Dewan Tun Hamdan Sheikh Tahir WISMA SEJARAH which is situated beside the National Library. I went there with my friends who are Sheila, Deila, Ismail and Iskandar. The name of the bride was Fazlin Shasha and the groom was Mohd Faisal. The ceremony started at 9p.m and a few lecturers especially from Centre for Languages (CEL) came for the ceremony. The food was so delicious and varied. We were all very happy and excited as Lin that we know now has become a wife to somebody. Finally, I hope that Lin and Faisal will live happily ever after. May Allah bless both of you.