Pesta Sungai Melaka 2007

Saturday, November 17, 2007

On the 7th of November 2007, Wednesday : My friends, my parents and I went to Pesta Sungai Melaka which is near bandar melaka at night. I departed from Alor Gajah to take my friends after breakingfast at Hanib Restaurant. Then, we gathered in bachang (my home). We moved to town together with my parents and arrived there around 9.30 pm. Unfortunately only one of my friends and I had a chance to ride the kapal after waiting for 2 hours. But it was really worthless as both of us were really excited riding that kapal. After taking some pictures, we went back home. I sent my friend in Taman Dimensi and I arrived at my home almost at 2.oo am. It was a really tiring and exciting day till I forgot that I needed to mark so many my students' exam paper which i have to submit just another few days.
hahahaaa ^_^v

p/s: Actually, I had finished marking all the exam paper when wrote this journal. Most of them did well for their final...


Anonymous said...

Asm En. Rauf
I m one of the many parents whose daugh/son is studying in M'cca particularly the socio module (I am aware that u are teaching this subject).

In my opinion, this heavy subject is rather not suitable for students fresh from school with no notion about sociology and given all the task to come up with a research paper. I still remember it took me about 3 sems to learn abt my research paper b4 I could actually embark on one.

I m sorry to voice out my concern in this manner but something has got to be done to the syllabus, biarlah subject tu berguna to the students. I m aware and was told that u are a good lecturer but what about the rest???? Anak I was clueless on the socio thingy, thank God being ex-uitmer I managed to guide dia thro the bookish socio paper.

raufsan said...

first, thank you for being a good parent and very concern to your child who is studying at uitm melaka in masscomm faculty.

furthermore, i do realise that this subject is too heavy for students to take at the first semester. for your information, i took this subject when i did my final year degree at uitm shah alam.

but, the problem is, the prof, the doctors and the lecturers in shah alam have agreed to want this subject to be teaching in semester one during the senat meeting. i cannot simply ask them to withdraw this subject as most of them are much senior and i know they have think about it before implementing it.

for your information, almost all my students have passed this subject and some of them manage to get A. Only a very few fail this subject which i believe they got attitude problem in studying here. (i evaluate from my own class)

moreover, we had changed the text book for the 2nd time because of parent complaint and hopefully we will not change it anymore as it will effect our performance in teaching this subject.

as a lecturer here, i also dont like to see my students fail for this subject. all the lecturers here will try their best to make this subject much more easier and interesting to learn.

i will always motivate my students to study hard here and at the same time get the lesson from this subject as this subject also is one of the methods to do dakwah in class.

finally, keep motivating your son/daughter to study hard here and never let them give up in studying here. tell them that if their friends or seniors can score for this subject, why not them.

mr rauf hj ridzuan
resource person for lib101

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Rauf,
Thx for the lengthy reply. I totally understand yr predicament but sometimes its hard to believe why no benchmark is done to compare the course content with the learners' proficiency and whats the valueadd for such action.

Anyway, I agree with you that you can do wonders with socio and I am with u where the "dakwah" part is concerned, keep up the good work and provide a lot more Msian instead of looking at US and teething problems.

I hope the athorities would relook and revist the course content accordingly to match/benchmark with the industry to enable our UiTM students stand at par or ahead of other Unis.

Anonymous said...

actually, being one of mr rauf's student i think i enjoyed learning this's not dat hard if u consistently read d notes given by mr rauf,notes given by mr rauf is totally simple and easy to understand...
to mr rauf,dont give up and keep on being one of d best lecturer!!! v(^o^)

Anonymous said...

I think what the University did to have a sociology subject in diploma syllabus is rational enough, I believed that the sociology book that they are learning is titled Introduction to Sociology and not simply some profound freudian concept book or gestalt for that matter. Introduction book such as that is easier to understand, because they put lot of pictures and everything is simplified, if there is a student who dont understand this basic concept, i strongly believe that he or she should not be in Uitm for that matter. Diploma subject are made easy..

i wondered what happen to the saying that school students is becoming more wiser but could not understand simple sociology..

there is only one way to go, and that is foward, dont try to change thing just because your children dont understand it.the harder the better.

Anonymous said...

sociology subject is easy, wait until your son/daug enter the degree/master/Phd level.

stop complain and start learning, do just what the lecturer told to do so and you will be wise.

everything in Uitm subject is BERGUNA.