Battle of Middle Earth (LOTR)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This is the latest game that i have been playing and really enjoy it. After playing many strategy games such as starcraft, warcraft, battle realm, command and conquer (general) and warhammer (when i was still a student '-_-), finally i found one game that really made me really satisfied. I play it almost everyday. Luckily my students just finished their final exam and i also have finished marking all the question papers. So, this is the time for me to relax and enjoy myself after working like a workalcoholic for a few months.

The game is based on Real-time strategy (RTS) game which focuses on delivering the epic scope and depth of J.R.R. Tolkien's amazing literary world. Players are in complete control of the epic battles as depicted in all three installments of the movie trilogy. From waging all-out combat among Middle-earth's vast armies to controlling the heroes or managing resources, the fate of a living, breathing Middle-earth is in the player's hands. Using the Command & Conquer Generals 3D game engine, The Battle for Middle-earth features the forces of light or darkness in two separate campaigns. Complete with all of the epic music, actor voices, and other film assets seamlessly integrated into the game. Ok, these are my comments about this game. Enjoy yourself! Tata!

5/4/2005 -mr. rauf