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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hello everybody!

Finally i managed to have my own blog.I made it after my friend introduced this blogger to me. During that time, i just finished marking all my students' papers and i had nothing to do. Now, almost everyday i will check my blogger to update and encourage myself to write.

From time to time, life keeps changing, i am becoming older and older but still have spiritual of friendship which made me feel that i am still like a student when i keep in touch with them. Although i am involved in labour now, i always remember the moments that i had been through with my friends in school and in the university.

I have worked as a sales promoter at Malacca Supermarket after SPM, as government servant in Selangor as Public Relations Officer at Selangor State Secretariat during my practical trainee, as a temporary teacher at primary school (contract teacher for 1year), and now the latest one which i have become now, as a lecturer at International Islamic College in KL.

Hopefully, by having this blog, i can keep in touch to all of my friends. Not to forget to my first younger brother in Japan, second younger brother at MMU Malacca, and my youngest sister at UitM in Sabah. This is one of the tools that we can use to contact and communicate to each other. For those who are my new friends, nice to know u all and thank you for accepting me as part of your friends although we never meet each other.

Last but not least, thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to add any comments and enjoy my photo albums.

May Allah bless all of us with happiness, prosperity and longevity. Insyaallah.



rauf (^_^)v 5/4/2006


cekmi said...

welcome the world of blogging my friend. ur not gonna regret it!