Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday: 13 June 2008

I just got an offer letter from Universiti Putra Malaysia to further my study in Doctorate Program with thesis (Mass Communication). The program takes 2 to 5 years time to finish it... For this program, I need to attend the class. For this coming semester in July 2008, I am planning to take Trend and Challenges in Mass Communication class by Prof. Musa and Advanced Communication Theory by Dr. Narimah. The class is on tuesday, which I need to travel to UPM once a week. I might be getting busy starting from next semester as I need to attend the class, do assignment, do presentation and the most crucial part is to teach my beloved students. Luckily, for this semester, I will be teaching the same subjects. Wish me luck to take this challenge which I must go to work and study at the same time, the same thing what I did during my master...