January 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Life
December 2008 - April 2009 Semester

For this semester, I am teaching only two subjects which are Sociology and Introduction to Communication and Media Studies. I also supervise 3 groups from final semester students(15 students) for professional project. They have planned to go to ASTRO, HITz FM and Media Prima to do their research. For ASTRO (group K), they will do their research about kids program which is Tom2 Bak. They will study the usage of children in the program and to get points of view from the people who involved directly with the program and public. For HITz FM which is the no.1 english radio station in Malaysia, my students (group J)will do research on how HITz FM maintain their popularity as the radio needs to compete with other good english radio stations in Malaysia. My students will go there to look the strategies that they have been doing and will interview the people there. Finally, the last group (group B) will go to media prima to do a research about the new talk show program which is Ally Talk Show. As it is a new program by Ally itself, my students will observe from the beginning until the end of the program. They will get the participants point of view, the public and also the producer itself which is Ally. The purpose of the research is to enhance the program as it is a new trial by Ally. Actually, I am to excited to help my students doing this research as I also will gain much info and knowledge from this research. Although I have checked their proposal for the third times and not approving it yet, I believe they will do their very best and will gain good experience from it.

I am also doing my second semester for my PHD. For this semester I need to travel to UPM Serdang twice a week which is every monday and Wednesday. The class starts from 6pm to 9pm. I will depart from UiTM at 2pm and arrive back at my home around 11pm. I learn Statistics for Communication by Dr. Jusang and also Research for Communication by Dr. Muaati. I learn a lot from both of them and I am really enjoyed for these classes. I want to share this knowledge with my students in Malacca. Moreover, I have prepared all the materials to do my literature review and already started writing it! It is really challenging as I need to do a lot of reading and need to understand indepth for every article that I read. The supervisor for my PHD is Prof Dr. Hj Musa and two commitee members which are Dr Siti Zobaidah and Dr Jusang Bolong. I really hope can finish it in 2 and a half year (2008 - end of 2010)..

In order to get a better health, I go to jog three times a week in the morning every tuesday until thursday after Subuh prayer. I jog at Rembia Perkasa which is at my taman area. Then, I need to standby to go to class for teaching.. For my ruh and IMAN, I try to recite Quran almost everyday and will try to khatam every 2 semesters. This is the only way for me to get motivated, good health, prosperity in life and bless from Allah.. Alhamdulillah, I managed to read 15 juzuk for last semester. I also plan to learn Tasawuf twice a month at Pengkalan Rama Mosque in town for me to improve my IMAN and personality as a khalifah.


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