Delegates from Saudi Arabia "Ahlan Wasahlan"

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Saturday, 5th of May 2007, the delegates from Saudi Arabia visited UiTM Malacca campus for academic purpose. I was chosen by Corporate Relations department to entertain the guest here. Most of the delegates are master students who are studying here in Malaysia. They also brought their family members here to look around Malacca. At UiTM, I brought them to our new building, showed them our dining hall, mosque, library and lake. They were very excited. Hehehe... I also gave briefing to them about Malacca history and storied to them a little bit about Malacca culture. I am so expert for this as I am teaching sociology subject, and I explain to them in depth about Baba and Nyonya here in Malacca. Then, we moved to town. I showed them to our UiTM city campus in town. We went to level 16 at City Campus. Once again they felt so excited as they can see the whole town and sea from there. Actually, that also was the first time for me went to level 16 at city campus. I also felt the same thing. huhuhu... Level 16 is a room for UiTM director, Dr Mizan. The room is very nice. Lastly, I brought them to the biggest shopping complex in Malacca, Dataran Pahlawan in Bandar Hilir. We took few pictures there, said good bye and left them there for shopping. I know they will buy a lot of things and hopefully they will enjoy shopping there. This is a very good experience for me to entertain guest from abroad. Fuuhh... that's all. -end-