Marking Time !!! chaiyo x2!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I just feel want to write something... Actually, i have just arrived at my home. Last two days, I visited my grandparents in Gombak. Alhamdulillah, both of them looked very healthy. I also went to Jaya Jusco at Wangsa Maju for window shopping and ate at KFC with my aunty and causin. I didnt have friends at my grandparents house area. So, i just spent my whole time with my family members.

Starting from tomorrow is a study week for uitm students. Study week for students means marking week for lecturers. I still have a lot of assignments to mark. I have done marking for Sociology and Mass Media subjects. Except for fundamental critical thinking and writing subject, i still have a lot to check. This is because, this subject has no final exam. But yet, there are a lot of case studies, journals and other writing assignments that students need to do. Hopefully my students have done well for their assignments.

After marking all these assignments, i need to invigilate students examination. I heard that i need to invigilate students at UiTM Bandar campus as i stay in town. So, for those students who want to see me, make sure u make an appointment with me first. Lastly, insyaallah I will let u know your on going assessments by next week.regards,mr rauf 16.4.2007 / sunday / 9pm ^_^p/s: i feel so bored staying at home. cant wait to go to office 2moro and do some works. hehe...


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