What did I do today?

Thursday, October 04, 2007

-helping my mother cooked before going to university.
-taking my friend from his home for breakfast (just accompanying him for drink) early in the morning at Water Lily, Medan Selera.
-marking my students final exam paper at my office.
-monitoring (*skodeng) my friend who was invigilating at LL. hehe..
-meeting with masscomm dean and program coordinator from Shah Alam at director's meeting room. (a few of them!!!)
-entertaining the guests from Shah Alam by showing them all UiTM Melaka area such as new building and new facilities here.
-visiting one of my friends' child at Melaka General Hospital in the evening. Pity him...
-bringing a few of my officemates to Mamak stall near to my house for high tea.
-jogging with my parents and doing aerobic at Stadium Tun Fatimah
-writing a blog now!
-calling/chatting with my bestfriend.
-once again, marking my students exam paper at home.

p/s: need to continue marking after this (after isyak)... so far, my students did well for Mass Media subject. Alhamdulillah.

*Today is a very tiring day! huhuhuhu -_-; fiuuhhh..

my father started rest (pension) today.... 8/5/2007