Walking or Jogging ???

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Today, after doing some works at my office, i decided to go to jog. Actually, i decided to go to jog yesterday, but unfortunately, I had a meeting with pengarah until 6.00pm!! Finally, i have time to go to jog at Tun Fatimah Stadium near to Malacca town. I went there at 6.15pm with my beloved father. The place is very nice. I managed to jog for 2 rounds only. I felt very tired and exhausted. Most of the time, I just walked there..hehe.. It only took 40minutes je to jog there. I also tried to take some pictures there but unfortunately, my hand phone battery was very low. Next time, I will take few pictures and put them at my blog. Mwahahahaaa...

I also realized that my stamina is very low. Last time, when I played Futsal with my students during Fesscomm Day, I only can stand for 10 minutes only! That's why the lecturers lost when competing with their students. No doubt about it! We played just for fun ok. "Kasi can kat korang menang" :)This coming Friday, I still have another Futsal competition among academic and non-academic staff in uitm. So, I must start training now to improve my stamina. huhuhu... Starting from today, I will try to jog at least three times a week. I want jogging, to be part of my habits. Thanks abah for accompanying me to jog today. I really appreciate it!!!

mr rauf / 7.45pm / wednesday / 18.4.2007