Visiting Oldfolks (Rumah Kenangan)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday, on 10th of May 2007 (23 Rabiulakhir 1428), I went to Rumah Kenangan in Cheng with mr Antashah and few of students from uitm. There, we had a heart to heart conversation with them. I felt so pity to them as most of them have family (children, brothers and sisters) who were not willing to take care of them. Some of them volunteered to come here just to make sure their children (husband and wife) didn't get trouble with them. If they are lucky, their family members will visit them once in a month. But most of them are still waiting for their family members to visit them although they know that they will never ever come here to visit them.

My questions are, what is happening to our society now? Do they realized that they are doing something that can hurt them so much! Always make them feel so lonely, sad, useless and feel so pressure with the situation they are facing now! Do their children know that these elder people had sacrificed a lot to make sure that their children will be somebody or at least have a life? Did they forget that who are they now is because of them?

These people who are ignoring their parents (elder people) should not live in this world. They don't even feel that they have responsibilities towards them. I really hope one day, their children will make the same thing towards them. Actually, i really like the petronas advertisement during last time raya 2006. It has a good moral value. I still remember the phrase, "abah jgn lupa pakai lampin tau". What u did to your parents, one day, your children will do the same thing to you.

As a sociology lecturer, I always discus about this issue. I always remind them to remember their responsibility as children towards their parents. Some of my students has done this research to study in details about the problems. They have done their observation, interviewed them and given questionnaires to the public.

I also always think what will happen to our society for another 10 years from now? I am really sure they are becoming more advance, liberal, open minded and more success. But, how about in term of their attitudes and ethics? Are they becoming better? You think about it...

p/s: after that, we went to Pengkalan Balak beach for breakingfast and celebrated mr antashah and his student birthday. Thank you for inviting me. I am really appreciate it.