Bob's wedding + ReUnion

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cimg0153 Today was my friend's wedding, who is Affendi bin Abdul Karim (Bob) with his bride, Nuraini Kamsani. The event / ceremony is located in Taman Subang Baru Subang. At first, we all gathered in Shah Alam, section 6 at 11.00 am in the morning. Then, we went to Plaza Alam Sentral to buy presents for the newlyweds. 2.00 pm sharp, we all departed from Plaza Alam Sentral and arrived at Bob's house (the groom's house) at 3.00 pm. The bride and the groom were looking very gorgeous at that time. The groom who is my friend looked very shy and blushed when we all tried to tease him. Before this, he had mentioned to us that he is the toughest (‘gua keras beb, tak cair dgn perempuan punyer’) and will never get involved with a woman. He also said that he is the “President of the tough guys” and nobody can replace him. At last, he is the one who got married the earliest among us. Now I think, we need to change our president and Mr. Tanazi has volunteered and elected himself to become our new president. What I was thinking is, maybe my new president will get married after this as he has hold this position starting from today.

After the wedding ceremony, we went to Plaza Alam Sentral in Shah Alam once again to play bowling. We played for 2 rounds. We really had fun there. After playing bowling, we went to mamak stall and had some drinks. We did chit-chat and discussed about our progress. Two of my friends (Razmin and Ejal) are doing chambering (practical to become a lawyer), Epol is still studying at UiTM Shah Alam to further his bachelor study, Meor is working at IT company in Kuala Lumpur, Tanazi now is working as a lawyer in Dang Wangi, Iskandar is working as legal advisor for MARA in Kuala Lumpur and Jack is working as a Magistrate in Johor. Bob (the groom) is now working at radio RTM as a presenter or DJ in Shah Alam. In our chatting, we also discussed about our next reunion. We are planning to go to A Famosa in Melacca for our next vacation. We were all also surprised that Iskandar or Atok is going to get married at the end of this year.

As many of my friends now have already getting married, I can say that I am also get so excited to get married. Hahaha… just joke ok! Let Allah decides for me. In islamic perspective,, after getting married, we can get another half of our IMAN. It is due to we need to add our roles/responsibility (male) in this world as a khalifah, son, husband and father. Hmmm… I think, that is all for my today’s journal. Wassalam.

p/s: For my friends, i can't add the pictures in my blog at this moment as I have uploaded 50 photos this month as the blog users have a limit of 50 photos only per month. Please wait for the pictures. Insyaallah I will add more pictures next month.