What a bad day = Bad luck!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Yesterday on 21st of July 2006, after finishing my friday prayer, i lost the only thing that i had which i always brought together with me, it was my hand phone! I don't care if the thief wants to take my hand phone but the most important thing is the simcard which it had all my friends' phone numbers. I tried to catch the thief but unfortunately, I was in 'kaki ayam' (didn't wear slipper). I just shouted at him… One of the witnesses said that the guy who stole my hand phone is from her school (no need to mention the school's name). Then, immediately I went to the school and met a few teachers there. They said that the thief is a really bad student and had done so many bad cases at school. Actually I didn't want to let the police get involved in this case but the teacher asked me to do so.

After I met the teachers at school in Alor Gajah, I immediately went back to UiTM to attend the meeting with the pengarah. After meeting, I went to police station in Mercham to do a police report. I met Tuan Salim, the police officer there and he wanted me to accompany him and his team to go to the thief's house. Unfortunately that night, the thief was not there. The sad thing is, the student's mother is an ustazah. I was really shocked and felt guilty to her as it involved the police case. I told the policeman that I just want my hand phone back and I wanted to cancel the police report.

The police officer said to me that he will try to get the hand phone from the student and if he (the thief) gives good cooperation, he will cancel the police report after brainwashing him.

Hopefully I can get my hand phone back. If I can't get my hand phone back, I need to accept it as my Qada' and Qadar. I will wait for a week. If I still don't get my hand phone, I need to buy a new one and try to get all my friends' phone numbers back. Through this blog also, I really hope that all of my friends outside there who really know me can email to me your phone numbers.

-_- what a bad day -_-

Nokia3200 I bought this hand phone when i was still a degree student at UiTM Shah Alam. I also used it when i was a master student, a teacher at SK Bandar Anggerik and when i was a lecturer at IIC.... So many memories that i had from this hand phone....

Good bye NOKIA 3200...........