Choir for Quality Day

Sunday, March 18, 2007

This week, i was selected to join a choir. The particapants are lecturers and support staff from UiTM Malacca. The songs that we need to sing during the Quality Day are 'PUTERA PUTERI' and 'PAHLAWANKU'. Actually, I really dont like these kind of songs. The songs were very boring. We need to practise for almost everyday. But i am getting excited when we can meet/mix each other and at least it can feel my free time here. I always laugh when hear my friends started to sing. Moreover, i can contribute something during the ISO that will be held at UiTM City Campus. For your information, the Vice Chansellor of UiTM Dato' Sri Dr. Ibrahim Abu Shah is going to officiate the new UiTM City Campus in Malacca town. We were forced to sing these songs because our VC really likes these songs. Hehehehe.. So no matter what, we will sing these 2 songs.

mr. rauf / 15.12.2006 / friday ^0^