A Visit to Zoo Melaka

Sunday, March 18, 2007

On the 2nd of December 2006, Saturday: I went to 'Zoo Melaka' with my officemate, Mr. Shazali (Accounting lecturer). Actually, I was alone at home so I decided to join him as he came to my house to borrow my digital camera. He also brought his children who are Kistina(the eldest), Ash and Man(the youngest). We went there by Proton Savvy. Last time I went to Zoo Melaka is when I was a degree student with my housemates. There, I took a few pictures. The children were so excited and at the same time, they were very naughty. It was easy to control the boy, but not the girls. We prayed Zohor there and took our lunch after praying. Among the animals that we seen were elephants, monkeys, orang utan, crocodiles, tigers, bears, birds, rhino, giraffe and many more. Before Asar, we went back home. Conclusion, I was so satisfied for today's activity.

(^o^)v hehe..
-mr rauf tuesday 5/12/2006 Aopzoo

December 04, 2006