Induction's Day

Sunday, March 18, 2007

On 19th of August 2006, masscomm students had organized the induction day with their seniors from Shah Alam. There were 2 buses from Shah Alam came to UiTM Lendu in Malacca. Their purpose was to get know their juniors and to declare them as their juniors. I can see that they really had fun during the day. They easily can forget about their assignment, their presentation and so on and at the same time they can release their pressure during that day. They also organized ‘sukannerka’ which made me laughed all the time especially ‘ulat bulu’ tournament. Two lecturers who were mr jamaluddin and mr roslan from shah alam came for the induction day. By having this kind of activity, hopefully the relationship between juniors and seniors will become much closer and tight. I really enjoyed the cheers that they had presented during the induction day. They were very creative in creating cheer performance and looked really active during that day. At the end of the event, we took the pictures with juniors, seniors and lecturers. Lastly, I hope that this kind of event can be organized for every semester and becomes the tradition for uitm masscomm students in Malacca.