Dragon Tiger Gate VS Pirates of Caribbean

Sunday, March 18, 2007

54415831 On the 28th of July 2006 (Friday) my 2nd younger brother, my neighbour and i went to watch cinema at Mahkota Parade. We watched Dragon Tiger Gate and Pirates of Caribbean at midnight. It started from 9.30 and finished almost at 3.00 am! We were really enjoyed watching the movies. Both movies were quite good. I was so excited watching 'Dragon tiger gates' as it showed many actions like kung-fu and i also have read the comic 'Jejak Wira' which made me knowing all the characters and the story line, while pirates of caribbean had so many humours which made me laughed all the time.2162095392 1638628252

I have watched fanaa, x-men3, dragon tiger gates and pirates of caribbean in a month. I really enjoyed watching movies but actually i really hope that it's not becoming part of my habits. I plan to stop watching movies for this month.... or may be until raya.... so i can save my money to buy other necessary things. Hehehe... i hope so. But actually, i have already planned to watch Ghost Rider and Spiderman 3... coming soon and i can't wait!!!Jacksparrow3tn

Last but not least, please support malaysian film by watching foreign films. Hahahaaa ...