Sunday, March 18, 2007

“By teaching sociology, I hope I can educate my students to practice good values that we have in Islam. In every issue that I discuss with my students, I will try to mix with the Islamic perspective base on Quran and Sunnah. Hopefully this will help my students to avoid doing bad things and to make them realize that we live in a society as khalifah and have our roles and responsibilities in this world…

Teaching sociology is extremely beneficial in that it enables both student and lecturer to actively study and observe various aspects of social life! It is an exciting, dynamic process that provides gains on a variety of levels. On the professional level, teaching allows me to become more comfortable as a "transmitter of knowledge." In the classroom, my goal is to inspire students to learn and enjoy the actual experience of learning. Because I seek to motivate students to be excited about the material, I attempt to utilize creative, interactive teaching methods. Uitmn2

As I continue to develop as a lecturer in UiTM, one of my main objectives is to encourage students to think beyond our discussions in the classroom. I like to view our meetings as forums in which the students can come in, learn, and interact with each other. I value each session in the classroom, as it provides an opportunity for growth for both the students and myself. I want to share with the students the benefit of viewing our world and its happenings through a "sociological eye."

Furthermore, I continue to make an effort to construct activities that are more directly linked to key sociological concepts, I hope to improve the learning process in my classes. By implementing more interactive activity that provides the students with active roles, it is my ultimate hope that I can help students think more deeply both inside and outside the box of social life.

As I am also teaching “Critical Thinking and Writing”, I will try to make the students always think deeply about certain issues and find the solutions in how to solve certain issues. In my class, I always make discussion about certain issues that they can compare, argue, and choosing the options. I train my students to do brainstorming or ta’aruf with their groups’ members which they also need to do presentation after discussing each issue.

Lastly, learning is a journey that never ends. My ultimate goal as a lecturer is to provide the students with the absolute best education possible. I want to show them that I care and have their best academic interest at heart. I hope that these ideals are evident in my teaching and reaching. It is my aim to inspire each and every student to greater heights in learning.

Malacca : 27/08/2006 : Sunday : 1.57 p.m (~_~)