Students' Results

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Finally i have finished marking all my students' answer scripts. The good news is, many students got A and majority got B+ for my Critical Thinking and Writing subject. Only one student failed for this subject.

The bad news is, for my Sociology subject, only a few got A and majority of them got either B or C. Some of them failed this subject because they didn't do well for their final exam and got very low marks for their on going assessments.

So, for those who got good results, keep up your good work! The rest, please improve yourselves and never give up! If you want to be a good student, please re-check your attitude. I believe that those students who got A have a very good attitude. A = Attitude !


Mr. Abd Rauf Hj Ridzuan

Faculty of Communication and Media Studies
UiTM, Malacca Campus.