International Islamic College (IIC)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Last_dayiicGood bye my friends, good bye my students

Assalamualaikum w.b.t to all my friends and to all my ex-students. I just want to inform you especially my ex-students who majority didn't know that right now I a m not teaching at International Islamic College anymore as now I am teaching at UiTM in Malacca. I need to take this opportunity to teach here in Malacca just to fulfill my ambition to further my PhD under government scholarship. It is very challenging here and the environment here is quite different. Another reason why I am here is because I want to take care of my parents, which are here in Malacca. For my students, good luck for your studies. I hope, after you are finishing your studies, you can further your study to degree. Don’t ever give up in your studies k! One thing is, I will really miss you so much.

For my officemates, thanks for your support. I really had fun teaching at IIC and really enjoyed working there. I really hope that one day, I will meet you guys somewhere in KL. Please also do come visit me here in Malacca if you pass by here. Thanks for doing farewell party for me, which I will remember until the end of my life. I also want to take this opportunity to apologize for all my wrong doings, as I can’t mention during my farewell party. You all have been such a very wonderful brothers and sisters to me. (kak mel, kak ros, kak aza, kak carol, kak faridah,kak syikin, kak faridatul, kak shayu, kak lala, kak mariam, kak aimy, mr mulkit, mr ratha, abg karim,helmi, bad, ustz farhad, ustz zamani, sheel, deel, rumi, lin, tira, mafaz n wang) I will always remember you guys there and please do keep in touch with me.

Last but not least, I have learnt so many things here at IIC, and IIC is the first place for me where I learnt on how to respect and to take care of each other which now I have so many brothers and sisters there. For my twin sisters, all the best for your master. Tell me if you have finished your master. Insyaallah, I will celebrate it for you. Don’t forget also to invite me for your wedding ceremony.

Wassalam…… aop (IIC 1100) 20/7/2006 1.45pm.