News for today (Ramadhan)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tuesday, 10 October 2006, my friends and i went to breakfast at mamak stall in Kelemak, Malacca. They were 7 of us and actually we all just finished teaching at about 6.20pm. The food was ok but we need to wait for almost half an hour for the food. The service was not ok, maybe they didnt have so many workers to treat a few customers there. That is the only place which we can find 'roti nan'. I think the price here is more expensive compare to other mamak stall in kl as this is the only place or the nearest place where we can find mamak stall. We enjoyed eating the food and we also talked a lot! After that, i went to my friend house to perform maghrib prayer. I went back at Uitm at 8.20pm as i still have a class at 8.30pm. I need to do extra class as i need to complete all the chapters by next week. Insyaallah i can finish all the chapters and my students can get ready for their final exam exactly after raya.

Thursday, 12 October 2006, there were so many students from various groups came to see me at my office. I know that Sociology subject is quite tough and it is difficult to understand. I also need to refer to dictionary so many times before I can teach my students that subject. The problem is, some of my students dont like to refer to dictionary (lazy) if they dont understand and i need to translate for them. It is easier for them to understand when i explain in bahasa but i can't encourage them to be malas to refer to dictionary. I told my students to highlight anything that they dont understand and insyaallah i will make them understand after meeting me.

At 5.30 pm, i went to Thai Kuang Bookstore at malacca town with my program coordinator. Her husband and her daughter also accompanied her. We went to bookstore to buy motivation books, reference books and excercise books for orphanage. We spent for almost rm500! That money is actually from the collection of masscoms'students and masscoms'lecturers at uitm. Then, we went to Tesco to breakfast. We broke fast at Kluang Station restaurant. The food was so delicious and it was the first time for me to eat there. Yum...yum... I think, next time i want to bring my family to eat there. hehe..

Tomorow , the orphonage will come to uitm. We are planning to celebrate them and I hope the event will be successful.

Ajk2 Friday, 13 October 2006, / 20 ramadhan : Mass communication students organized an event for orphanage at Masjid Al-Hikmah, UiTM. During the event, we had tadarus and tazkirah by ustaz from CTU. Then we broke fast at mosque and performed terawih prayer. After terawih prayer, once again we had dinner with the orphanage from Payasum. We had nasyid performance from both sides and we contributed books for them by Dr. Rashid which is our deputy dean from Shah Alam. My opinion is, my students and the orphanage can get long so well as i can see that they were very close to each other. I really hope that my students can motivate them to study hard so that they have ambition to enter to higher education level. I really enjoyed during the event and the food also was so delicious. Puan Noraini who is my program coordinator also satisfied with the event. Congratulation to all mass communication students! Well done!

Tuesday, 17 October 2006, After class, i went to UiTM bazaa to buy some food for breakfast. I brokefast at my friends'house.

Wednesday, 18 October 2006, I went to Masjid Tanah to buy food and i broke fast at my friends'house in Taman Sutera Indah. Then, i went to Papa Chop Mama Gril with a few friends. After eating there, my friends and I went to Taman Cempaka to buy some stuff for Hari Raya.

Thursday, 19 October 2006, This time, I broke fast at KFC in Alor Gajah with my friends after finishing my class at 6.20p.m. Once again, i went to Taman Cempaka to survey baju raya, perfume and so on. It was raining during that rime.

Friday, 20 October 2006, It was my last class. My students took few pictures at class. Then, i accompanaied my friends for shopping in Masjid Tanah. I went back to Seremban with my friend by Proton Gen2 after Friday prayer. Then we dropped by at Baza Stadium Paroi to buy some food for breaking fast. At night, i went to KL with my parents.

mr rauf / aop ^o^v


mutalib said...

aiyoh, i terasa lah, because on some weeks during puasa time i went to see you over the socio thing..and was 'scolded' by you over the dictionary sad..

but somehow, actually you have thought me something; to be more 'rajin' using the dictionary, not only in academia, but all the time. (Education is a life-long process) :)At least, you have buat pahala besar in bulan puasa. Mendidik dan mendidik manusia ke jalan yg benar..Semoga allah membalas budi baik anda...Amin