i am 26! happy birthday 2 me!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Alhamdulillah, today 16th of august 2006, i am 26 now. i always think in my mind, what i have achieved in my life? in term of education, i have finished and done my upsr, pmr, spm, matrix, degree and master. what's next? hopefully i can do my pHd after this, insyaallah. in term of working, i have worked as a sales promoter, public relations officer (trainee), teacher (skba), lecturer at international college (iic) and now i am working as a lecturer at public university (uitm). i think, this is the last place and the best place for me to work. everything after this, i hope i can get from this university. i am thinking that i will work here until at the end of my life.... (until i retired laa...) i dont think that i will try to find and searching for other job vacancies anymore. This is the place where i belong since i have studied from this university for 7 years! I really enjoy teaching and educating students at the same time. that's what suit to me. I really comfortable and i will try to improve my skills to become a very good lecturer. I need to be strong to face all the challenges as i know, it is not easy to be an educator / lecturer.

Life? emm... i think it is time for me to have my own family. Actually i am planning to get married before i am 27 years old. It means, now i need to work hard to find my life partner. Hehe.. my problem is, i want it but i never try to find it seriously. Starting from this age, i will work harder about it. for the preparation to get married, i have prepared since i worked as a teacher in the year 2004. what i plan is, i get married first and than i want to buy a comfortable car and i want to have my own house. When i was young..... (but now i think, i am still young..hehe...) ehem.. i always want to buy a sport car. But now, i want to marry first and have a family's type of car. For your information, i still use kancil until now although i have work for almost 3 years... nothing to be proud of... but at least i have a car to go to work for almost everyday.

In term of friends or during my socialization process, i have met many friends. Some of them become my close friends until now. I still remember my ex-classmate when i was a masscomm student at uitm in shah alam. We really had fun as students and enjoyed a lot. finally we graduated after 5 years doing degree in shah alam. During my master, i also met many friends. i still remember during my master class, i was the youngest student in class. The socialization process was a bit harder as they were so many pakcik and makcik (abg/kakak). I tried to adapt the environment there and alhamdulillah, i can become part of them. hehe i became more matured when i mixed with them. the best experience that i had is, when i was a lecturer at iic. Although i only worked there for only one year, i got so many good friends which made me feel like brother and sister. lecturers at iic especially from centre for languages (cel) you are really like my brothers and sisters... i will always remember you all until the end of my life....

I am happy for what i am now as i can help my parents and my grandparents since i work last 3 years ago . Thanks to them as they are the one who made me become a good person (bolehlaa). i want to make sure that i can provide anything that they need as they have sacrificed a lot to make me become what i am now. I just want to see them always happy. I also want to go to umrah for the 4th time and bring all my family there. Hopefully my wish is come true.

Ok la... time to sleep now. it is almost 1.30 am. i need to wake up early tomorrow to go to work. i just want to expresss everything that i had in my heart and in my mind. thanks for reading my journal. every good comes from Allah and bad is from me... forgive me k..wassalam...

p/s: now i am using my previous phone number, HOTLINK.